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Article: Beginners Guide to Hand & Body Care

Beginners Guide to Hand & Body Care

Beginners Guide to Hand & Body Care

Skincare is not solely about the face. In our quest to reduce wrinkling and other signs of age from our visages, we forget about other crucial areas of our body that need the same TLC. In winter, dryness affects our skin from head to toe. Hands, in particular, are prone to dryness and cracking around the knuckles, where skin is more delicate. The important thing is to moisturize year-round—and up the ante during winter. Let’s explore some products you can use to keep skin from becoming dry during the colder season.


The Best Way to Moisturize Hands


Hands are prone to dryness in particular because we tend to wash them often—especially during this pandemic’s winter season as we are washing and drying our hands more often than usual, and using alcoholic hand sanitizers more often than ever before. This obviously leads to extreme dryness.


Every time you wash your hands with foaming soap and follow up with alcohol-based sanitizer, you are robbing your hands of their natural oils and hydration. Replenishing this hydration right away is key in preventing future discomfort. The VITAL C Hydrating Hand & Body Lotion is a great product to keep in heavy rotation all winter. Rich and intensely moisturizing but not greasy or sticky, this cream will help replenish lost hydration and go a step further to help prevent visible signs of aging, like the appearance of wrinkles.


Just like facial skin, hands are prone to aging because they are often open to sun exposure. In fact, some believe that hands show our true age with the development of dark spots and fine lines over time. This is why the VITAL C lotion contains vitamin C as a key ingredient. Vitamin C not only brightens the appearance of dark spots, it also helps combat signs of aging because of its ability to improve collagen-deprived skin.[1] This means that it helps your hands look firm and supple. Regular use will help keep your hands hydrated and more youthful-looking.


The Best Way to Moisturize Your Body


During winter, your body experiences temperature highs and lows when you move from the outside cold to inside heat. Heaters in the car and the home also suck moisture out of skin, while outside exposure to the elements like cold air and wind do their part to reduce natural hydration in the skin. This is why it’s crucial to hydrate your entire body throughout the winter months. Exfoliation is also key in that it can help slough away dead skin cells all over the body and reduce flakiness.


Try the Body Spa Exfoliating Body Scrub to help give skin an overall glow while ridding it of pesky dead skin cells that accumulate and make skin appear dull. Follow up a good scrub with the Body Spa Rejuvenating Body Lotion to help restore hydration. For best results, apply the lotion to slightly damp skin (like after you’ve come out of the shower and lightly toweled off) to allow for better absorption. This body lotion features glycolic acid and retinol, which are key ingredients that help reduce the visible signs of aging. Retinol is also known to boost the appearance of collagen-starved skin.[2] Regular use of this scrub and lotion together will help keep skin looking and feeling its best.


Give the ILUMA Intense Body Lotion a try if you feel you want an even bigger boost of hydration and radiance. This lotion was especially formulated to reduce the overall appearance of dark spots anywhere on the body and hands, while also giving a much-needed boost of moisture to dry winter skin.


Bottom Line: Don’t neglect your hands and body in favor of focusing all your attention on your face. Remember that hands can show age as much as the face, and that it’s in your best interest to take good care of your body’s largest organ all year while giving it extra focus during the winter months.






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