Dr. Testimonials

We have enjoyed Image Skincare in our practice, for retail sales and for our treatment “back bar” over the past 4 years. Image products are packed with active ingredients that really do what they say they do, utilizing the latest in skincare research. We rely on the right combination of Image’s treatment products to insure optimal results for the innovative laser, and other corrective skincare treatments we provide at our Center. Our clients expect the best and our medical estheticians and I can rely on Image’s safety and efficacy every time.

Dr. Paul Greenberg, M.D.
Ageless Remedies – South Park


As a nurse practitioner specializing in Aesthetics I have had to learn about skin care products and treatments via the company’s extensive hands on training and product knowledge, as well as techniques for in office applications of peel solutions.  Along with this support, after 3 years of use these products have proven themselves to have safe reproducible affects in office for treatments which reassures to me the quality of Image Skin Care.  Also the line has something to offer for all skin types and desires.  I am so satisfied with each product that I can easily incorporate it into each client's regime, and yet, after using even one product from Image Skin care, most clients come back asking for additional products to replace more expensive medical skin care.  Both aggressive and beginner treatments and products are superior to most all other skin care lines I've ever used and sold.  Thank you Image Skin Care!

Angel Turlington, Nurse Practitioner
South East Medspa and Laser Center


I am a very satisfied customer of Image Skincare and have been for the last 2 years.  I cannot say enough good about the products themselves.  They are affordable and very effective.  All of my clients that have switched to Image Skincare products have noticed remarkable results in the overall appearance of their skin.”

Theresa Wildman, Surgical Assistant
Dr. Tayfur R. Ayalp, M.D.


Our acne patients have experienced dramatic improvements in their acne treatment with the addition of Image chemical peels vs. using prescription oral and/or topicals alone.

Dr. Tiffany Cukrowski, D.O., Board Certified Dermatologist
Spa 43


We have been using the Image Skincare line now in our medical office for about 2 years and could not imagine being happier with another line.  As a result, we have discontinued the use of Obagi in our practice.  Image Skincare allows you to mix & customize all of their products to compliment any skin type or condition, whereas most professional lines make you pick a skin type of normal, dry or oily.  For example, I have patients on the Ageless Anti-Aging Serum that mix with the Total Pure Hyaluronic Acid for hydration.  Image has also found a way to be effective with the use of peptides, stem cells, retinols, salicylic acid, glycolic acid, and lighteners while also being affordable. Not sure what else you could ask for!

Matthew Nettleton, MD
DermaVogue, LLC


We have been using Image Skincare products and treatment protocols for over 3 years with HUGE success in treating various skin conditions including acne, rosacea, & hyperpigmentation.  Results with home care and clinical treatments are reliable and consistent.  The broad range of products allows for better individualized treatment for each client and his or her specific skin care needs.  Image stays on the cutting edge of skin care, improving and updating the ingredients in their products to produce better results with fewer potential reactions and side effects.  Our Territory Manager also provides unparalleled customer service and educational opportunities for us as clinicians.  We are completely satisfied with our experiences with Image and look forward to a long and prosperous partnership!

Felicia D. Hussey, MD
Emerge Med Spa & Salon


I was first introduced to Image Skin care products in August 2012.  What I like about this skin care line is that there are different product lines for each skin type.  I have used the product and love it. The vital C hydrating facial cleanser has a lovely orange scent.  I have sold other skin care products in my practice and I didn't feel like they addressed each skin type well.  They were also very costly to the patient.   The Image skin care products are result-oriented and meet the skin care need of my patients.  It is budget friendly and we have patients buying an average of 4 products. I had one patient who expressed to me how much she liked the Clear cell skin line and could see the immediate difference in her skin.  She is one of my patients that has tried the other skin care lines I have offered.  I am very pleased with Image skin care from their customer service to my representative. I have found the skin care product for my practice:  Image Skincare.

Dr. Cynthia Pridgen
Sophistication ME Medical Gynecology


I feel Image is a great skin care line because it has effective products that target all skin types along with their associated conditions from sensitive skin to newly aging skin to sun-damaged skin.

Dr. Steve Rasmussen
EOS Dermatology | Austin Regional Clinic


We have been incredibly pleased with our relationship with Image. Image has been a part of our practice since 2007 and has helped us grow our retail sales and client retention along the way. Our skincare specialists have freedom to sample products to patients who are unsure of what they are looking for and patients who are concerned with their personal reaction to certain products. Our confidence in Image allows us to sample a product to a patient and know that they will come back for at least one of the products we have given them to try. Image has a great price point as well as a product for everyone. We look forward to growing in our practice along with the help of Image.”

Roberto Garcia MD, FACS
Reviva Med Spa


I like that Image Skincare offers versatility as well as visible results. Products from different Image lines can easily and effectively be used together to create customized daily skincare protocols for my patients.

Janet Pliego, M.D.
Fusion MedSpa


We have been using the Image Skincare line in our MediSpa and Medical Office for almost 3 years and are extremely pleased with all aspects, from the quality of the products to the educational support.

Image Skincare offers all the latest ingredients such as peptides and botanical stem cells which give us the ability to provide our clients/patients with the most current solutions to their skin care challenges.

Both the retail line and the professional resurfacing products allow complete customization instead of the “one size fits all” concept many manufacturers offer.

Nancy Klein, Licensed Medical Esthetician
That's Skincredible MediSpa


Image is the only line of products that truly meets our needs.  We have tried many other skincare brands in the past, but have never been so pleased. Every customer deserves the best treatment customized for their skin type. We've been very successful with the new MD Kit, chemical peels, lighteners for anti-aging, rosacea, treating melasma, acne etc.  It is also nice to work with professional people that answer any question that I or the customer may have.

Claudia Rosca, Licensed Medical Esthetician
Westshore Primary Care


Image peels are a great tool for us to keep our patients happy and their skin healthy. The peels perform exactly the way they’re supposed to: from a light exfoliation with vitamin c to a deep treatment.  Image has an array of acids that cater to every skin type and condition.  The post-treatment kit is also very effective in making sure our patients have the proper protocol at home during the critical healing time. Image products deliver with the best quality and price point.

Joseph P. Hunstad, MD, FACS
The Hunstad Kortesis Center, North Carolina


Since bringing on the Image Skincare Line of Products over a year ago, I have been consistently impressed with the results we have seen in EVERY client. I also enjoy being able to tell clients that we offer one of the cleaner lines that still offers such fantastic results. My favorite clients to treat with Image products are those with persistent, dry rosacea. I can think of three in particular that started home regimens at about the same time. Within two months, each of them had come in at different times just to show off their skin.

Stephanie Albritton, Spa Manager
The Med Spa at STAT


At Dermatology Associates of Northeast Florida, we believe that education is one of the most important aspects for patients trying to find the best service for their anti-aging needs. We have had several 'Cosmetic Dermatology 101' evening seminars for our patients and introduced them to the Image line a couple of years ago. Our patients are extremely pleased with the products, and are showing a marked improvement on their different skin types and conditions. In this economical time our patients also appreciate that they are getting pharmaceutical grade products that are affordable, and really work! Our personal favorite, the Signature Facelift, is a huge success.

Sharon Capece, CME
Dermatology Associates of Northeast Florida


In my practice of over 10 years, I'm very proud to use and recommend Image Skincare products and treatments.  They are very secure, effective and the patient can see results the same day or in a few days, depending of the patient's skin condition.  Also the follow up home treatment and products can be acquired at affordable prices.  I particularly love all the chemical peels, particularly the Beta Lift Peel for acne patients.  Thank you Image Skincare!

Glorivee Martinez, Medical Skincare Specialist
Centro Dermatologico del Este, Puerto Rico


Image Skincare is THE exclusive line at Desert Plastic Surgery.  Our patients need an excellent skincare regimen not only before they commit to surgery, lasers, or injectibles, and the Image post care is crucial for healing and maximum results. We love the post-treatment kits!  The I-Conceal foundation has been a remarkable addition. We can use it right in the office after all procedures.  We have truly seen the positive effects of Image Skin Care in our patients and we love hearing how Image Skin Care has changed their skin.

Dr. Pierce M.D., Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon
Desert Plastic Surgery


I have been using Image skin care products in my practice exclusively since I opened.  I would highly recommend this line for its effectiveness and the high quality ingredients in the products.

Dr. Jonathan Kulbersh
Carolina Facial Plastics PLLC